MDT 2013 Update 2 UDI Wizard – domain join credentials issue

I recently upgraded to MDT Update 2 integrated with SCCM 1602.  Previously I used to install Windows 7 using MDT UDI (2013 I think?) and configured the OSDJoinDomain and OSDJoinPassword variables as collection variables on the collections I had the task sequence.  But after the 2013 update 2 install, on my new task sequence for Windows 10 they would show up like the below and it wouldn’t join the domain.


So thanks to some help on this TechNet forum we were able to come up with a workaround.

  1. Create two custom variables and place them just before the UDI Wizard step in your task sequence.  One will be the account used to join the domain and the other the accounts password.Capture4.PNGCapture5
  2. Then open up the UDI Wizard Designer and on the new computer details page under “domain join credentials” put in the custom variables you setup into the default value boxes (remember to use %% around your task sequence variables).Capture6
  3. Then simply save your changes and update your MDT Toolkit package in SCCM.  Then you should be all set.


4 thoughts on “MDT 2013 Update 2 UDI Wizard – domain join credentials issue”

  1. You have to base64 encode them(there are online encoders available) and paste the base64 encoded string in the collection variables defined for a device collection. And then they will be prepopulated correctly on the udi wizard computer page.


    1. Really that wasn’t something I used to have to do. What changed? Thanks for the reply though that’s good to know. I simply put them into my task sequence variables instead to solve my problem but the collection variable is probably the safer more secure way of doing it.


      1. Unfortunately there is no documentation on this. I thought I might give it a try and the “magic” worked. The most fun wast with the domain\username encoded in base64. 🙂
        It seems that update 2 requires only encoded strings, no matter where you defined them. The workaround with variables in the task sequence overwrites the UDI variables.
        I don’t know if it’s secure but is certainly preferable to keep as simple as possible. In case you have to recreate the task sequence from scratch you already have the variables in the UDI xml and the device collection variables.

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