SCCM OSD error 0x80091007 hash mismatch with WIM

I had a Lenovo x240 laptop that wouldn’t image.  Other machines would image just fine so I did what any decent SCCM admin would do I looked at the smsts.log and found an error something like 0x80091007 indicating a hash mismatch between the DP and the WIM on the machine.  Normally when this occurs the normal recommendation is to refresh the DP with a new copy of the WIM to make sure the DP doesn’t have a bad copy from the main SCCM server but as other pc’s were imaging fine off the same DP it had to be either with that specific machine or something with that model of PC’s.  After digging and getting nowhere I stumbled on this article from  detailing all the way back in 2010 how a bad ram stick could cause the hash mismatch.  So I replaced the RAM and sure enough, it was fixed and I was on its way.  Goes to show sometimes the simple things can be the fix.  I was looking for something a little more elaborate.


4 thoughts on “SCCM OSD error 0x80091007 hash mismatch with WIM”

  1. Hi Logan,

    Thanks for posting. I have came across this issue just today and the problem was… well, a bit more elaborate than just dodgy RAM! It appears as if WinPE (x64) was corrupting the image download on a machine with 16GB RAM (single DIMM). Limiting amount of RAM that PE was allowed to use did the trick, you can read about it here:


    1. Thanks for replying, I never would have thought too much ram would cause a problem in WinPE. Wonder if Microsoft will fix that at some point.

      I’ll have to keep this fix in mind. I am pretty sure I have imaged PC’s with more ram than 16GB but maybe the single DIMM was the problem.


      1. I think it was combination of amount of RAM in single DIMM and the size of WIM file. I’ll post an update if I get around to testing it further.

        Speaking of unexpected problems in WinPE… I came across different issue just the other week. SCCM 2012 1702 update introduced “Previous” button in Task Sequence wizard. Unfortunately, using it when booted into PE from ‘All Unknown Computers’ collection breaks ‘All Unknown Computers’ support for the whole environment! When ‘Previous’ is clicked, the machine registers itself with ‘All Unknown Computers’ collection’s GUID, inadvertently becoming THE unknown computer and preventing other machines from resolving the policy.

        My point being – there’s plenty of bugs released by Microsoft out there and things like that keep people like us employed 🙂


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