SCCM Package not distributing

So I had to delete a package off a distribution point and redistribute yesterday and ran into an issue where it would not distribute.  I continued to read my logs and noticed that the distmgr.log continually retried the package but never actually distributed it.  It just kept saying no action specified for package.  Well after a ton of research I came across a blog post detailing how resolve that.

First check your action and updatemask

SELECT * FROM PkgServers where NALPath = '["Display=\\\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE="]\\\' and PkgID = ''

This particular distribution point had an update mask and action totally different than any of the other servers.


I then deleted that record.

DELETE FROM PkgServers where NALPath = '["Display=\\SEA-DP-SERVER\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=SEA"]\\SEA-DP-SERVER\' and PkgID = SEA0008D'

Once I did that I was able to finally redistribute the content.

Thanks a bunch to Daniel Eyer’s blog.