IE Enterprise Mode Site list won’t load sites put into site list manager

I was working on setting up Enterprise Mode Site list for some internal legacy sites so that IE 11 would automatically start them in Enterprise mode.  I followed this article from the blog (very well put together article by the way) on how to setup logging and deploy sites you want ran in enterprise mode this way if you have a site that hasn’t been upgraded to be up to par with IE 11 it will still work.  Well I couldn’t seem to figure out why it wasn’t loading the sites in enterprise mode.  All the reg entries were there everything seemed fine.  Well after using this Powershell script a few times to clear the downloaded site list I found a forum on technet that had my answer buried all the way at the bottom.  You can’t use http:// at the start of the site it has to simply be the top level domain for example “”.  I figured since it simply said URL would work just fine or even  Guess I figured wrong.snip_20160524164001